Pietro Scampini


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Born on 30 June 1950 in Cardano al Campo (in the Italian province of Varese), Scampini has been a professional sculptor for many years now because, as he says, "art requires time, dedication and commitment". Having turned his life passion into a fully-fledged career, Pietro Scampini is well aware of his good fortune. After attending evening art classes at the Brera Fine Arts Academy for three years, he abandoned both school and paintbrush in favour of his own autodidactic techniques and his preference for three-dimensional art. This he achieved first by frequenting the workshop of the sculptor Bennati in nearby Gazzada and subsequently by approaching workshops in Carrara, the home of marble, stonecutters and craftsmen who are caught halfway between age-old practices and avant-garde impulses. It was here that Scampini encountered world famous artists and authorities in the field, from Giuliano Vanghi and Müller, to his great Cuban friend Agustìn Càrdenas - considered one of the great masters of contemporary sculpture until his death in 2001 - together with Constantin Brancusi, Hans Arp and Henry Moore. Since then, his life and artistic development have remained inextricably linked with the Tuscan town, a town to which he returns time and time again, in between working in his studio in Castronno where Scampini lives and works to this day.

… To describe Scampini as a sculptor is to underrate his phenomenal potential. I prefer to think of him as a creator, a demiurge who moulds and constructs, studies and absorbs, always ready to face new challenges in person.He is equally comfortable with strong, solid materials such as marble, bronze and stone, more delicate materials such as plaster or cardboard, with which he creates refined, intertwining designs, and thin, resilient threads such as string or rope that hold together thoughts and colours.He loves the earth, physical fatigue and humankind but detests egoism. He is constantly on the go, walking, talking and working like a river in full flow without fear of contamination, without withdrawing into a state of indignant abstention.He is ecstatic to be alive and bursting with energy and creativity.

Disegned by Carlo

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